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Florida Crossword puzzle

Author: Emma
The ____________is the 1st largest river in Florida
Most of Florida's theme parks re located in _______
_____________ occasionally occur
Florida is one of the _______ states in the U.S.
Florida's state flower is the ________
___food is a popular dish in Florida
Florida is bordered east by the _________ ocean.
The ________ is Florida's state bird.
_______ is Florida's capitol
Florida is the _____ most popular state
Gators are popular in Florida because of Florida's many _______
Florida's highest point is only _________ feet above sea level
Florida is well known for it's supply of _____ fruits such as oranges or lemons
Florida has over _____ swamps
___________ pie is the states official pie.
Florida is home to over _________ theme parks.
America's launch location is located in ________,Florida..
Lake ______________ is Florida's largest lake
Florida is located west by the _____ of Mexico
Florida is located in the _______ region