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Blow the house down

Author: Kyle Hepworth
Big ol' dummies
Governor's daughter and socialite Hogg of early 1900s Texas
Stacks of dough
Rubber banded Captain Albano of wrestling
Musical cheers with chairs?
Dance involving partial nudity and grotesque gyrations
Brief employment data
Place where it says what it does
Blotchy affliction from tick bite in CO
Suit (up)
Lovely maiden of song
Not unlike a bovine
Krofft creation at roll call?
Rework "Holy Diver" and "Rainbow in the Dark" for Broadway?
Dog who's well-muscled under that trenchcoat?
Pomeranian adjective
One whose clothing is 36-across
Badger house of children's lit
Tots. as of now
Spot these, colloquially
One who might make me a bracelet; abbr.
Shows in Vegas, NY, DC, and Miami
Baby or Danish follower
Short promise when short
Bills quarrel?
Crested polos
Velvet lay
Go home with nothing, slangily
Frosted flaky food dude
"I feel like you're starting to say a word and you're not finishing it. Are you trying to say 'spaghetti'? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?"
Repeated syllables of Miss Hungary 1936
Poetically common
Small Macbook
Homestar Runner's favorite candies (Hide some under your pillow for secret eating)
Like the water in Texas
Sick, yo
Horwitz or Szyslak
Stephen of early 1800s Texas
VIP room?
Squeaky toy noise?
Hat meas.?
Hdg. down Rainier towards Rainier
Explanation of charges in downloadable frmt.?
Shakira's don't lie
A/V cable with letters L, R, and V
Forum admin
Clean the poop deck?
Victorian-era slang for hoo-ha
After-school group for alien aficionados?
Frilly fancy shirtsleeves
"___ , I sits" of meme fame
Fiv, fou, ___
First word in spooky Nickelodeon show
Hybrid human suffix
Ppa ixat knip
Sixth animated image, alphabetically?
Fake college where you might learn the words to "Baby Beluga"?
Letters from a doctor?
"Sylvie, do you agree this word sounds like piss?"
Dassler, founder of Adidas
Feed src.
Hirsch of Reform Judaism, a citric anagram
Traffic markers to keep people away, despite the name.
Wet spot in Tuscany's Accona Desert
Emerald City's wizard
'00s band, __ Naked
T-shaped weapon
President with wheels
Huh, I figured it would be a major export of Canada, but it's not even top 20. Oh well, something they're known for, anyway.
Someone dealing with 19-and 48-across
Thompson of Howard the Duck
Healthcare facilities for the uninsured