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Famous Scientists from History (that also happen to be women)

Astronomer, poet, and mathematician wrote papers explaining trigonometry and the principles of multiplication and division.
Zoologist whose philosophy of creating a natural environment for the animals she cared for informs the way modern zoos work today.
Chemist and x-ray crystallographer who discovered the DNA double helix.
Astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher from Alexandria, Egypt. One of the earliest recorded female mathematicians.
Fossil collector and paleontologist that helped prove that dinosaurs exist.
Geneticist whose work helped us understand why babies are born with male bodies or female bodies.
Physicist and mathematician who won the NASA lunar orbiter award and the NASA special achievement award for her work calculating flight patterns.
Electrical engineer who grew up with a reading and writing learning difference to become the first known female electrical engineer.
Chemist remembered for finding a cure for what seemed like a hopeless disease, leprosy.
Marine biologist, conservationist, and author that found a toxic chemical called "DDT" was poisoning livestock and fish while weakening the shells of bird eggs and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.