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Save Room

Author: Kyle Hepworth
Short range?
In regular disagreement (with)
Bake-off judge
Relaxing sound
No-joke foodie website
Food hoarder who only wears Ralph Lauren?
Much bigger size than avg.
5th, 6th, and 7th words in a children's song
Lowest digit
Govt. org. with informal motto featuring bad weather
Hear it through the grape candies?
Game taper's spoiler?
Could burn after reading
Character with an Uncle Luke
Maker of chunky kitchen tools
Not very bright
EKG finding, perhaps
Most common US blood type, for short
Fiesta fare, informally
Jackson Jr. of Straight Outta Compton, (or his father, who he was portraying)
Black clothes fan, fond of sequins, but avoids the catwalk?
Bitcoin alternative
House or trance, initially
Like The Lion King or Aladdin
High ink-usage rate for illustration work?
Colorful eggs
Party arm dance
Adjective for a nerdy cyclops?
Last word in literature
Actor who plays Hannibal and countless characters with eye injuries
Archaic second person
Something to do until you collapse
Another name for rump roast?
Small-stage lecturer, slangily.
Roberts or surgery beginning
Homesteader's philosophy, briefly
Something cool, or someone who isn't
Lobster near beef
Step installation
Genre of Flash and Jean Grae
Matter of the bladder
Panama Canal avg. dir. to Pacific
"Speaking of," for instance
Important hashtag in sexual harassment awareness
1930s classic M-B roadster
Totality of mind
Sports brand icon
Quick trip to the store to pick up a computer?
Hopeless hashtag "I no longer understand"
Flowering plant, woman's name, or 2019 video-based PS4 game
Illinois AL MLB team
Muppet friend of 35-across's uncle
Newfoundland sound
Emigrant, colloquially
Travel like a hobo
Nevertheless, ___ persisted
Call of Duty: Black Ops, eg.
Weekday alarm hour, perhaps
Unsuited for the task
Get older (British style)
Startled response to 32-down?
Le Pew of Looney Tunes
Spengler with a proton pack
It's done
See, unseen
15-across in Spain
Voltage jump
Roadside assistance in South AU
Number 2