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Canada: A People's History Crossword Puzzle

Generation born after WWII.
Died at the hands of the FLQ.
Alexander Mackenzie was the first explorer to cross the continent and reach this ocean.
Alberta gas company who was prosperous in the 1970s.
How pre-historic humans travelled from Asia to North America.
Slogan created by Charles De Gaulle.
Built a network of Indian alliances and extended French trading posts to the Gulf of Mexico.
Province known for it’s fishing industry.
One member of a famous Canadian folk music duo.
Canadian punk band who released a single from which the proceeds go to Solidarity.
American colonists who remained loyal to the British Crown.
Famous Canadian who attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.
The first Prime Minster of Canada.
First nations people of the plains.
Site of Canada’s greatest WWI victory.
Location of Expo 67.
Saskatchewan Premiere responsible for medicare.
Canada’s National Anthem.
Mandatory enlistment of citizens for military service.
One of the official languages of Canada.
Province known for it’s oil industry.
Group of provincial Premiers who formed an alliance.
Was kidnapped by Jacques Cartier.