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World History Imperialism

Dutch farmers (1).
Adding a territory (6).
Strong country takes over a weak one. (1)
Worked for East India Comp. (4).
France supported construction (3).
Helped modernize Egypt (3).
No European interference in Latin America (6).
Cuban freedom fighter (6).
Dole Fruit Company an example (2).
Rules for dividing up Africa (1).
Spanish-American War started over this incident (6).
Europeans took land away from them (3).
Missionary who promoted Christianity (1).
Divided by ethnicity and language (1)
Queen of __ refused Reciprocity Treaty (6).
Roosevelt Corollary would have police powers in __ hemisphere.
Discovery of oil (3).
Rule of India under the British crown (4).
Copper wealth (1).
Used in exchange for Chinese tea (4).
Help Leopold II get the Congo (1).
This rebellion for this reason (4).
Exclusive trading rights (2)
Based on evolution theory (1).
Connected Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (6).
Britain and France helped Russia (3)
Lost power before completing reforms (3)
Russia helped Slavic people (3).
Associated with Ethiopian independence (2)