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Dig Deep

Author: Kyle Hepworth
The author regrets some of the clues. It was an experiment to see if this puzzle could be done, and the answer is "kinda".
Come as you are
"That's all, folks!"
Big bookmaker
Gold to Cortéz
Feature of knight's pants?
Sturdy tree
Ball channel? abbr.
Brain system prefix
Frqnt. topic on 20-across
Scale mrkgs.
Moto-scooter deep cleans?
Ones legally bound by (a contract)
Choice of "Night Fever", "I Feel Love", or "Dancing Queen"?
Sign of humanity
Oppos. of Mar.
Pitchman for Icy Hot, Nestle Crunch, and Radio Shack, to name a few
"Holding out for ___"
Infnt. mechanical lung tech.
Australian ostrich?
Rent some space
Side away from the wind
Some feature a folding spoon?
Wonderful words on a prepackaged bowl meal? (and a big clue to the theme answers)
Preview of a Schwarzenegger / DeVito movie?
Russian child-literature author?
Free to use rights agreement, briefly
One, of many, resolutions? abbr.
Bucharest elders? Very colloq.
Visit a series of urgent care facilities?
License to swim naked?
Homogenize data across devices
A bad way to abbreviate He-Man's fortress?
Native of the 3rd largest Hawaiian island?
Light-emitting circuit board component
A dip in registrations for college website URLs?
Russian range?
Occupants of Belgrade
Self-important feelings
Terse agreements
Off essence
Hubble operations center, initially
Egg packaging?
Paid people, in short
Single digit
I don't know, a fraternity, I guess?
Little balls of positivity?
She can go anywhere in time and space, as soon as she finishes carving this canoe?
What a peaceful protester might say?
Supermarket stocker
Corn units
A misspelling of Mann or Adams
Unconventional abbr. for starting over again in a VG
"___ thought," (second guess)
Wayne of The Flaming Lips
Release from the cycle of reincarnation, in Buddhism.
Half-dome theaters
Inhabitant of a tiny island in Vanuatu (anagram of NOVA)
White-tailed sea eagles
Binary compound chemistry suffix