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World History U3A

In the Germanic system, the relationship between a leader and his warriors, or a king and his lord.
Heresy named after Arius, a Greek priest who taught that Christ was not eternal with the Father.
Name of second Frankish dynasty of kings. Name taken from the Latin name for Charles - Carolus.
Payment for crime given to the victim's family by the offender, also known as wergild.
In the Middle Ages, a man who collected rents, oversaw workers for the lord of the manor.
Originally, a Roman district. In Middle Ages, a district ruled by a bishop.
A noble who ruled a county or other small region during Charlemagne's time. Later a high ranking noble.
Disorder and confusion. Absence of government and law.
Manorial land held by the lord, attached to the manor house, and not held by serfs or freeman.
Middle class. From the French word for town dwellers.
In the Middle Ages, a young person who learned a trade or an art from a master.
Citizen of a burgh or a town.
An artificial channel or large pipe for transporting water over long distances.
A monk who is chosen as head of a monastery.
Title of Muslim religious and political leader.