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World History U3B

Water-color paintings done on wet plaster.
A term of contempt applied to a person who does not accept a particular religion.
Workman or craftsman who has served his apprenticeship, is licensed to work, but is not yet a master or employer.
In feudal society the land held from a lord in return for service.
Ceremony in which the vassal declares his loyalty to his lord and receives his fief.
In a religious sense, to cut off church functions or privileges.
A person who holds beliefs contrary to church doctrines.
In the Middle Ages, either a nobleman who possessed armor and was trained to use it or the lowest ranking person in the feudal system.
In the Middle Ages, a peasant who could leave the manor.
Religious picture or image, in the eastern church usually painted on wood or ivory. The first letter of a page was often elaborately designed.
A union of merchants from the same town, or of artisans from the same craft.
Long narrative poem telling of heroic deeds and adventures. Often expresses the ideals of a nation. Example: Beowulf.
A social and economic system in the Middle Ages.
A succession of rulers from the same family.
A social, economic, and political system in the Middle Ages in which vassals gave military service in return for land and protection from a lord.
A person who goes away from other people, and lives alone, often for religious reasons.
Highest ranking noble.
Style of architecture developed in the High Middle Ages. Used pointed arches, flying buttresses, high steep roofs, and many stained-glass windows.