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World History Review

Teacher: Ms. Eckard
Belief in one god
Conquered the Inca
Belief in more than one god
Military expeditions carried out by European Christians to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims
Where the Aztecs lived
First Roman emperor
Business associations of the Middle Ages
Part of the Triangular Trade; sent African people to the Americas for slavery
System of writing that used both pictures and and abstract forms; Egyptian writing
First industry to be industrialized
Political and social system where nobles offered protection and land in exchange for service
Chinese dynasty invented gunpowder
Famous playwright; wrote "Romeo and Juliet"
1st Christian emperor of Rome
Religion believes in the Five Pillars and that Muhammad is the only true prophet
Invented the printing press
Mixture of African and Arabian languages and culture
Where the Inca lived
Leader during the Reign of Terror
Greek city-state known for their military discipline
Chinese philosophy proposed that human beings were evil by nature
Chinese Dynasty in which foot-binding became popular
18th century philosophical movement focused on reason and the scientific method
United and expanded the Frankish Empire
System of ideas based on the teachings of Lao-tzu
Greek city-state known for their democracy
French philosopher who believed in the separation of powers
Conquered the Aztecs
Religion developed in India and is polytheistic
Wealthy citizens of Rome
Turning point in the American Revolutionary War