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The Black cat

What genre is this story?
Felicity definition?
The first cat's name?
Does he feel guilt for killing pluto?
What does the narrator start searching for?
The intombed cat at the end of the story was?
What does the white spot on the cat resemble?
When did the narrator's character start to breakdown?
What point of view was used in the story?
What do the police find at first?
What cat trait irritates the master?
What is the point of the first cats name?
What does the new cat have on his chest?
What is a hogs head?
What happened the night pluto was killed?
Describe the narrator as a young man.
The narrator's character is mostly?
The narrator sees a figure of a ____?
Did the narrator ever experience anger?
How old was poe when he died?
How was pluto killed
What does the narrator blame this on?
The cat ___ from inside the wall
Does he feel guilty for killing his wife?
When is the narrator telling this?
Who does Poe marry?
What does he do to the cat one night while drunk?
What happened to Pluto's wife?
What does pluto and the new cat share?
Where was the wife's body hidden?
What did the wife call black cats?