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Am. History Ch 10 Union in Peril *

Planned by John Brown to be a slave uprising but no slaves participated
This Doctrine expressed that any territory could not include slavery by not passing laws supporting it
This Compromise stated that the south would be slave states, and the north would be free according to the 36 parallel line
This term was used to refer to people illegally voting in Kansas from the slave state Missouri
Supreme Court Chief Justice during the Dred Scott v. Sanford case
Delegates of the southern states who seceded formed the ________________.
A secret network of people who would help fugitive slaves by giving them food and hiding in secret tunnels
An escaped slave who helped with the Underground Railroad
Republican candidate who southerners called the "Black Republican" is elected President in 1860
First state to leave the Union on Dec. 20 1860
This Doctrine was an idea expressed by Douglas in 1858, that any territory could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws that supported it
This region was mostly Agriculture and slavery
These Person _______ Laws forbade the imprisonment of runaway slave and guaranteed they would have a trial by jury
The favoring of native-born Americans over immigrants
Violence broke out in __________ as people voted illegally for and against slavery
The peoples have the power to decide an issue (vote)
This Party opposed the extension of slavery into the territories
Provision that stated slavery should be banned from all territories won from Mexico
Despite their differences the Republican Party was united with their opposition to _______
Founder of the new Republican Party and the New York Tribune
Kansas got the nickname "bleeding Kansas" after the massacre near the __________ creek
President of the Confederate states of America
Abolitionist who started Harper's Ferry
During the Lincoln-Douglas debates ________ argued "slavery cannot exit a day or an hour anywhere..."
Fought for his freedom and his wife's using the court system
The ______ Party was the abolitionist party
Helped get the compromise of 1850 passed
Started the Missouri Compromise
This region is mostly industry and immigration
The writer of Uncle Toms Cabin