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Author: Kyle Hepworth
Some real non-traditional stuff in here. Have fun.
Gold protocol droid
"Interesting point"
Small town in Greece, or bigger town in virtual Spain?
Singer Aubrey or Anita
Phaser setting
Letter carrier in JK Rowling books
Caesar's same side
Another path to conservation effort?
Eating disorder word
Brings home
What a bad 1-down reader might do?
With 59-across, employ once more
Is in a group
Tropical topical matter
With 3-down & 49-across, conservation slogan
Conquistador's conquest
Title for John or Stewart?
Single thing to bear
One of the sixteen states of Palau (or anagram of CHANGERS)
Fish barrier
Moral content author
With 63-across, make the same joke again?
See 30-across
Examine small ketchup?
((____ -36-across) with 63-across), what I did with this clue, once more?
Doubly able prefix
Morlock food
Latin for "give a speech," that looks like a bloodtype description
Plays the duck in Peter and the Wolf
The always vowels
Goose stuffing
Ultimate object
Cigar-chomping Addams actor
See 30-across
With 36-across, stiff Star Wars character
Romanian twice-president, Ion
Infuse throughout
Apple or pear
15 points in Pass the Pigs
Filled in the drawing
Employ a second time?
Gets quick cash
Sailor's life, love, and lady?
"___ you to"
Mendes and Péron
Sporting supplier
Nghbrhd. watch
Tolkienian baddie
Johnson of "Plan 9..."
Letters before Maine or Monitor
Snoopy org.
Humanity indicator
Within specs, proportionally
Like an underbelly
Samwise Gamgee actor, to 2-down
Vice squad surveillance vehicle
28-down or 10-across desk toys, for example
3rd-string storyline settings
Baseball pitcher James, Waite, or Wilhelm
Dedicated computer for watching Talk Soup reruns?
Firestarter on the 45-across
Carbo corner
Flight prefix
Sign of a bad deed?
It's not pretty in Nicaragua
Bruce Campbell zombie flick, quick