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A Dog's Promise

Where does Ava break her leg?
Who did Oscar think the new baby was?
What was Cooper's last name in the book?
What was Cooper's best dog friend name?
Who saves the characters from drowning?
What was Burte's first girlfriend's name?
What was the boy in the wheelchair name?
What was the new name Ava gave to Cooper after he died?
Who was the little girl that saved the puppies?
What is the name of the dog that hid in the storm shelter?
What was Burte's brother's name?
How does Riley die?
What was Burte's dad's name?
Where does the story mostly take place?
What was Wenling's mom name?
What was the new name that Burte gave to Bailey?
What was name that Ward gave him after Bailey?
Who did Grant marry?
What was the dog's first name?
What was the owner's name that gave him the name Riley?