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Honey Bee Crossword

Adult bee and developing brood living together including the hive they are living in.
This is used by honey bees as their source of protein.
Made of beeswax by honey bees.
Insects that live together.
It’s important that your bees have access to this somewhere near their hives.
The Action of all bees leaving the hive.
Collected by bees and used to seal cracks in the hive.
A digestive disease
Three simple eyes.
Collection of beehives.
From place to place.
Make a run for it.
A time when nectar and pollen are not available.
Its what makes being stung painful.
They do all the work in the hive except for laying eggs.
Darling; sweet heart.
Communication dance.
A single hexagonal (six-sided) compartment of a honey comb.
Used by workers in defense of the hive.
You will make these in the spring.
Has Six legs.
You can link them to everything thats wrong with beekeeping today.
Devise used to produce smoke while working bees.
The third region of a body of a bee.
Collected by bees.
Out- colony task.
Group of bees hanging together for warmth
The Larva goes from grub to adult.
A busy crowded place.
Combining two hives to form a larger one.
Starting a new colony.
Has big eyes
Middle section of the honey bee.
First stage of the honeybees metamorphosis