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Greece Crossword Puzzle

Author: Jase Runge
Wrote The Republic which was his famous work
Study of the stars, moons, planets and galaxies
A government in which power is in the hands of a single person
Empire under the leadership of Athens
Important Hellenistic scientist who studied at Alexandria
The philosopher ________questioned the natire of the world and of human belief, thought and knowledge
Fearsome formation or __________ became the most powerful fighting force in the Ancient world
Festival of Sports
A government ruled by a few powerful people
A war fought around 1200 B.C., Led by Mycenaean Kings
Kingdom of _____ located north of Greece
Devoted his life to gaining self-knowledge and once said " There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil ignorance"
The _____ between Greece and the Persian Empire
City in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great
In the society of ancient Sparta, a peasant bound to the land
The greatest storyteller who was also blind