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Kansas State Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Reynolds
The NFL team for Kansas is the Kansas City _____.
Kansas state food.
The state song is "Home on the ____".
Kansas is bordered by this state to the north.
The geographic center of Kansas is located in ____ County.
The state flower for Kansas.
The state animal for Kansas.
The state capital of Kansas.
The state tree for Kansas.
The deadliest tornado in Kansas on May 25, 1955 was located in this city.
Kris Koback is what in the state of Kansas.
Sam Brown is what in the state of Kansas.
The largest City in Kansas
Superhero from Kansas.
A major company headquartered in Kansas.
Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz states "We're not in _____ anymore".
The state's only major commercial airport is Wichita ___ National Airport.
The latin state motto for Kansas is "Ad ____ per aspera.
The english state motto in Kansas is " To the stars through _____".
Residents of Kansas are called.