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Democracy in Athens Vocab

the process of building things such as roads, bridges, houses, etc.
people that would go out with a person (a woman in this circumstance) to monitor their behavior
someone who is sent from another country to be an official representative
people who express disapproval over something
people who are owned by another person and works for them for no money
able to read and write
a deep hole or holes in the ground that people dig so that they can remove coal, gold, tin, stone, etc
to not allow someone to take part in something or not allow them to enter a place, especially in a way that seems wrong or unfair
not involving the government or other institutions
a group of people or things, especially one that is large
forming a necessary part of something
laws or sets of laws
a group of people who are elected to make decisions or laws for a particular country or area
used land to grow crops
highest social classes (groups of people in a society divided by money, education, etc.)
formal written agreements between two governments
a system that makes it possible for some people or parts of an organization to control the others, so that no particular person or part has too much power or influence
judges regarding small matters
to exist in or affect only a particular group
relating to family duties and life at home
doing something together or at the same time
people that live in a particular town, country or state
people who come from a different country
someone that is good at making speeches and persuading people
a group of people who have a lot of power and influence because they have money, knowledge, or special skills
to have enough money to buy or pay for something