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History Homework 3

December Vocabulary for History
A theory advocating minimal government 2 wds
A method to efficiently make steel 2 wds
Any of the main parts of a whole
Taxes on imported goods designed to protect domestic industry
To add variety or balance
A large production of goods by machinery and assembly lines 2 wds
To be more powerful or successful than others
People who build and manage business to make a profit risking their own money and livelihoods
Freedom of private businesses to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system with no interference from the government. 2 wds
Bridges with roadways suspended by cables 2 wds
American inventor who invented the lightbulb. 2 wds
Rights given by the government to an inventor for the exclusive rights to develop use and sell an invention
To excite to action
Crops grown for sale 2 wds
Any of the 24 longitudinal areas of the world within which the same time is used 2 wds