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History of EMS

Term referring to the method used to distribute EMS resources throughout a service area
Father of SSM (person; two words)
First nationally recognized curriculum for EMS (abbr.)
The EMS ______ Act of 1973
______ transport implies taking a patient from one health care facility to another
Original name for the American Red Cross (two words)
In 1970, the first board of directors of the ______ met to determine the feasibility of creating a national certifying exam (abbr.)
Device invented in 1816 in France by Rene Laennec
In 1869, _____Hospital, out of New York City, initiated its ambulance service.
A device that allows a responder to perform mouth to mouth without their mouth directly touching the patient's mouth (two words)
The measurement from time of call to time on scene (two words)
Credited for co-inventing the spine board and worked with a Swedish doll maker to create training dolls for CPR and intubations (person; three words)
Covered stretchers used to transport sick or injured in India, prior to 1600's
Highest level of EMT
What country in the fifteenth century deployed "ambulancia" (mobile field hospitals) to provide rapid medical aid to their soldiers
This company uses a matrix of response determinants to help local medical directors configure response criteria for medical calls (abbr.)
Doctor who published the results of a study he conducted on the effects of rapidly instituted CPR in 1979 (last name only)
Term for an hour of time a unit is available for tasks (two words)
Earliest hospital in colonel US (year 1751) was established by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. _____ _____ (two words)
What invention appeared in 1769 to provide impetus for modern day EMS?