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KENTUCKY TRIVIA : "Muhammad Ali"

This British fighter shockingly knocked Ali down early in his career, Henry ______
Who was POTUS when Clay/Ali first won the heavyweight title?
Where was the Thrilla?
How many times did Ali win the heavyweight belt?
His first foe upon returning from suspension, Jerry ______
At what city's Olympics did Ali light the torch?
Who gave Ali his first professional loss?
His boxing daughter
Ali stopped this tough opponent in 1975, Chuck _______
Ali defeated Spinks in the rematch at the Superdome in this city
"______ like a butterfly, sting like a bee"
He fought Holmes at this casino (2 words)
Former champ Ali knocked out in 1962, Archie ______
He "Shook up the ______"
Ali's first fight was in this Hall in Louisville
Ali dubbed himself "The _______"
What country did his gold medal opponent represent?
Ali's longtime trainer
Ali said he started boxing to whup somebody who stole his _____
Who did he stop to first win the Heavyweight Title?
Ali opponent Mr. Shavers
Frazier and Cooper punch that fell him, left _____
Ali's nickname, the "Louisville ____"
His last fight was in these islands
Ali's given last name
Mr. Bugner who Ali beat twice
What city did he first win the title in?
Ali is buried at Cave ____ Cemetery in Louisville
World Boxing Association acronym
What arena hosted the first Ali-Frazier fight? (colloquially)
Ali stopped this huge hitter in a title bout in 75, Ron ____
"The ______ in the jungle"
Basketball giant rumored to fight Ali
Ali stopped Cooper on a cut here
Born in?
Ali knocked him out to regain title, George ______
Where did he fight Foreman?
His trilogy with this nemesis is unparalleled
Ali beat this former champ twice, Floyd _______
Ali fought many times in this Houston "8th Wonder of the World"
Medal he won in Olympics
Ali's 5 losses were to Frazier, Spinks, Norton, Berbick and ________
World Boxing Council acronym
Ali fought Henry Cooper twice in this city
He broke Ali's jaw and gave him his second loss, later avenged
Ali's last opponent, Trevor _______
Louisville born former sparring partner Ali defeated
Smokin' Joe trainer Mr. Futch
Where were the 1960 Olympics held?
Ali lost belt to this boxing brother
Liston didn't come out for this round in the first fight
Ali claimed he threw his gold medal into this river