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RU History

Author: Dr. Charles G. Manyara
Male dates!
RU started as a State__and Industrial School.
The family that owned the farm that RU sits on.
First male student in RU.
One of the first halls built after 1911.
The heroine who escaped Indian kidnapping.
The Inn where most of the first 72 students lived in 1913.
College band ; not English
Number of the first graduates at RU in 1914.
Second president of RU.
In 1920 RU was officially Radford State__College
School Activity Building was renamed this in 1929.
President from the 50s.
'North Woods'
First female VP.
In 1984 RU switched from quarters to __in its academic calendar.
The university in Farmville that started as a normal school.
The Radford side that finally got the node in Spring 1910.
RU's first president
President Penelope Kyles undergraduate college in NC.
The hall that stands were Sunken Garden used to be.
First African-American President at RU.
Among the first dormitories built to accommodate new students in 1914.
Built in 1927 where the school vegetable garden was.
First sorority on campus. x3?
In honor of Hurlburt,3rd Dean of Students.
Last name of Dr. George Washington - from Tuskegee Institute among to the first invited speakers
The tallest hall in the new river valley built in the 60s.
Watch sports in this center named after the RU president 1972-94.