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Grade 6, lesson 8, Moses and the Burning Bush story

Name: ___________________________________
Grade 6, lesson 8           
M / O   #_______
This word means miracles or a mighty deeds of God
God gave Moses this disease and took it away as a sign to show the Israelites
The land where God will lead the Israelites.
How God appears to Moses
Land where Israelites are living in slavery.
God sends Moses to see this man.
The people Moses is to lead out of Egypt
The father-in-law of Moses
Moses covered his ___ because he was afraid.
Brother of Moses; God allows him to speak for Moses
God tells Moses to remove these because he is on holy ground
As a sign God turned Moses' staff into this.
Where Moses sees a bush on fire
Another name for the Israelites
Moses had to ___ God.
God's name