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World History week of Dec 9

This metal changed the economies of the world creating a global economy
Used in navigation
An agricultural product grown to sell
Something needed in order to sustain life
Colonial sympathizer (American Revolution)
Consumer goods that are not needed in order to sustain life
The refusal to work as a form of protest
The first shots of the American Revolution fired in 1775
Declaration of War signed by all of the delegates in 1776
Craftsperson (def)
Deadly bacteria carried by contaminated water that doubles every 13 minutes
British soldiers fire on an unarmed crowd killing five colonists
Textile made from sheep fleece
New world crop that saved the pilgrims
British sympathizer( (American Revolution)
Exclusive possesion or control of a supply or trade
In order to change your life you have to be willing to take__
The last battle of the American Revolution and where the British surrender
New World crop that Rodrigo likes
America's first ally
The English government would not prosecute as long as you attacked Spanish ships
Using the stars to navigate
This textile plant is still picked by hand in most countries
The Netherlands (Holland) got crazy over a new type of flower
One of the most acts of protest leading up to the American Revolution
Famous traitor of the American Revolution
The highly addictive raw material for morphine
The willingness and ability to purchase a good or service
Still done by a person although the clippers are now electric. (textile)
A fast and sudden change
The first global agricultural commodity
New world crop that becomes popular with the addition of sugar and milk
A refusal to buy a product as a form of protest
Fabric or cloth
The willingness and ability to bring a product or service to market