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Spelling Bee Review 5th Grade Pt.1

To encourage someone not to do something
Feeling uncertain
To make into law
A feeling of great surprise or wonder
Causing shame or disapproval
Final game of a series that decides the winner
In spite of the fact of
An outstanding act or accomplishment
In or to any place
A living being, human or animal
To look forward to
Eager to know or learn something
According to customs or practices associated with a particular group or place
Very bright and radiant
Something that is done
Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
Working very well; getting the job done
Recognizably different
With great anticipation
Exchange of thoughts and ideas between people
The act of coming into view
As much as needed
State of being a citizen
A series of actions in order to achieve something
To have different opinion
Not truthful
A unit for measuring land
A person employed to provide a service in a particular place
The act of disagreeing with someone
Give an account in words of someone or something