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History crossword puzzle

Coercive acts and the Quebec acts together were known as what in the colonies
Law that forced the colonists to pay more for their own defense
Proper court procedures
A tax on imports and exports
an agreement by New York merchants not to buy any British goods until Parliament repealed the Stamp Act
A decline in the value of money
Changed the tax rates levied on raw sugar and molasses imported from foreign countries
Became prime minister and first Lord of the Treasury in 1763
A raid by colonists on British tea ships
General search warrants
a group of laws that led the colonists to believe that the British were trying to seize control of the colonial governments
Asserted that Parliament had the power to make laws for the colonies
These laws were intended to punish Massachusetts and end colonial challenges to British Authority
Young lawyer that defended John Hancock
Made a fortune in the sugar trade, smuggling molasses from the French colonies in the Carribbean
Chief of the Ottawa People