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the Honey Bee Anotomy

Lobe at the tip of the the tongue shaped like a spoon
Overwinters as small colonies and with small food consumption.
The greatest diversity of honey bees species in the world occurs in:
Bees, Ants, wasp, hornets belong to this order.
The trochanter, femur, tibia are associated with the honey bee:
The forewings are attached to this thoracic segment.
Upper lip
When a bee walks on a smooth or slippery surface this fleshy lobe is used.
Honey bees belong to the family:
The basal segment of the leg
individual cells and tissues within the honey bee receives oxygen
Structure in front of the base of the forewing
honey bees are an Old World strain known for their gentleness and productivity.
The first inlarged segment of the honey bee foot
Basal segment of the antenna
pollen basket
The most common strain or race of honey bee in the U.S.
Upturned hook on the front margin of each Hind wing.
Mushroom bodies in the worker honey bee are associated with the:
This permits the blood to enter the champers sits within in the sides of the heart.