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History Project - Basketball

What was James Naismith's profession
What was the first backboard made of
The area between the lanes, the freethrow line, and the baseline
The amount of fouls a player has to get to be disqualified from the rest of the game
What shoes were the original basketball shoes
A running shot that is taken right around the goal
What was the first hoop made of
This is the dividing line between the baskets of opposing teams
The inventor of the game of basketball
The line that a shooter must be behind when shooting a free throw
The name of the playing surface
This is when a player runs toward the basket while calling for the ball in order to score
Connected to the rim; helps control the ball after going through the rim
How possession is decided at the beginning of the game
This is made when the coach wants to put a player in the game in place for another player
Another name for bouncing the ball; must be done or the ball carrier can't move
A game in which the objective is to put the ball through the hoop
How is the ball brought back into play after it goes out of bounds
The big rectangular glass that is located on the back of the rim; for banking shots
This is called when the offensive player plows over the defensive player
The circular structure that forms the hole that the ball goes through
How many feet is the rim raised off the ground
A person or group of people that decide foul calls and game rules
How many players from each team can be on the court
This is what you call a shot that bounces off the backboard before going through the hoop
This is called when a player picks up the ball after dribbling and proceeds to dribble again
This is called when the ball carrier takes more than two steps after picking up the ball
How many quarters are played in a professional basketball game
What state was basketball invented in
How many feet long are the baselines
This is the out of bounds line on the shorter sides that the basket is above
A shot that is taken from the free throw line after a foul
The line drawn on the floor that dictates whether a shot is worth 2 or 3 points
How many feet long are the sidelines
A shot that counts as three points that is taken from outside the arch
This city has won the most championships in NBA history
This is how you settle who gets the ball when both teams have possession in a scuffle
This is the out of bounds line on the longer sides
Country that basketball was most popular in
Stands for National Basketball Association