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Spelling Bee Review 5th Grade pt. 2

A ship that carries cargo
The study of earth`s people, resources, climate, and physical features
An important part or quality of something
To scare
More than usually; particularly
To make longer
Not relying on others
Not accessible or handy
A person trying to avoid arrest or persecution
The act of showing representing feeling or thought
Flat paper container
Each and very person
Set up on a firm or permanent basis
The study of the earth`s layers of soil and rock
Restlessly eager
Steps taken while walking; imprint of a foot
Living or lasting forever
Widely known
The things that someone knows; information
One who studies the formations of the earth
Equal in value
At once; without delay
In or during the time between
Happening often
A guess
Able to bend
Free time; when you do not have to work
Belonging to a group
Inspiring or deserving love or affection