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AP US History Vocabulary

After this battle, France begins sending formal assistance to the Patriots fighting against Britain
Religious revival of the 1730s and 1740s; seen as a response to the more secular Enlightenment
Another term for Nonimportation and Noncomsumption
Jay, Madison, and __________ wrote the Federalist Papers to convince people to support the Constitution
Unofficial description of how Britain treated the colonies prior to 1763
An advocate of a strong, central government; a likely supporter of the Constitution
Prior to Cotton, this would be the dominant cash crop in the Southern Colonies
Last ditch effort to avoid war and bloodshed was this letter sent by the Second Continental Congress
First law to abolish slavery in part of the United States...the Northwest part...
First Secretary of State under Washington
The act, or tax, mainly affected the literate and those that worked in the legal field
The First Continental Congress gathered in this colony
The ________ of 1763 could be seen as a major turn toward American Independence
This religious group was involved in founding Pennsylvania
Washington was the first man to lead this branch of the US government
This man created the Franco-American Alliance, Fire Departments, and Bi-focals
The first tax charged to the colonies after 1763 was on this
The American name for a nine-year war fought on nearly every continent
A plantation owner has 20 slaves. According to the Constitution, how many "people" live on the farm? (Don't forget to count the owner!)
Parliament felt that this type of representation was sufficient for the colonies
This man rebelled in 1676 because of constant Indian attacks on the Virginia hinterland
These acts, also known as the intolerable acts, were put in place as punishment for the Boston Tea Party
A little island cannot rule a big ol' continent, it's just _____ _____
The second Continental Congress founded a ________ _____, with George Washington at its head
Fearing a large government that might impose its will on the new states, the Articles of ______ were created.
The first shots of the American War for Independence occurred in this city
The lawmaking branch of the US Government under the Constitution
This rebellion would highlight the weakness of the original government of the United States