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Spelling Bee Review 6&7th Grade Pt.2

To make empty, as by leaving
A person who comes into a country to live there
A boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water
To unite into a whole
To made known ;to state openly
To show in public
To grasp or hold tightly
Easily or plainly seen
A noteworthy success
To scold in a harsh or formal manner
A series of actions intended to accomplish a goal
Skilled at speaking or writing; having power to move people
To keep segregate or apart
Very tall or high
To bring shame or disgrace upon
To reach out; to offer
To join others in refusing to support an organization
To remove the covering from
To highest in rank or position
A formal event held in honor of a special occasion
To stop or hold; to keep from going on
A fond or tender felling
Control over and responsibility for care
To treat cruelly or harshly because of political, religious, or other differences
To give along others who are giving
To direct or mange activities
Showing too much pride in oneself
A base or support on which something stands
The state pf being poor
To make an early request;to ask