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Spelling Bee Review 3rd Grade Pt.3

More than one person
The month named after Julius Caesar
A special job or task; a goal
A piece of land surrounded by water
A day of festivity
Harmful substance
What makes things visible; opposite of dark
Should; showing duty
Electrical discharge in the sky often during rain
Kind, sensitive
All things hat contain atoms and take up space
Clutter; objects that are strewn about
A solemn promise
A part of something
The sea
Alive in a past time
A very large number
Currently staying somewhere; currently alive
A projectile that can be propelled to great heights
In a happy way
A large steep hill; a large pile or quantity of something
Expressing possibility
To form an opinion about something specific
To pay attention; you can hear something
People who are admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities
A time period of about 30 days
To flow out