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Spelling Bee Review 5th Grade Pt.3

To do with, or belonging to, a nation as a whole
Completely different
Something that is silly or has no meaning
To convince
Continuing firmly
No longer fashionable or popular
A person holding a position of command or authority
The action of seeing or noticing
The act of making someone do or believe something
Two or more people who do something together
Covered with a thick, greasy liquid
A feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction
A time when something happens
Having to do with body instead of the mind
The quality of owning something
Average, not distinguished in any way
For a long time; indefinitely
Able to be carried or moved easily
Great in number
A chance to do something
Does not exist
The sea
Extremely good
The ideas and beliefs you have about something
Having the approval or authorization of an authority or public body
Enjoyable or giving pleasure
Normal or usual