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Weather Vocabulary #1

It describes the condition of the air at a particular time and place. Weather also tells how the air moves (wind) and describes anything it might be carrying such as rain, snow or clouds. Thunder, lightning, rainbows, haze and other special events are all part of weather.
The measurement of how hot or cold something is.
It’s the same as air pressure. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at a given point.
Thin, wispy clouds that form high in the atmosphere as their water vapor freezes into ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are a principle cloud type.
An enormous and very hot spark of electricity produced by thunderstorms. The lightning bolt itself can heat the air through which it travels to 54,000° F.
Water that forms on objects close to the ground when its temperature falls below the dew point of the surface air.
The position of the Earth’s surface north or south of the equator.
the mixture of gases, which form the atmosphere of the earth
The process of changing a liquid (like water) to a vapor. It’s the opposite of condensation.
Stratus Clouds - Low-lying, gray and sheetlike clouds that often produce drizzle. Stratus clouds are a principle cloud type.
General name for water in any form falling from clouds. This includes rain, drizzle, hail, snow and sleet. Although, dew, frost and fog are not considered to be precipitation.