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American Holiday Foods

Circular baked circles with a name
The best come from Brooklyn
Typically made for Santa
Fit for a non-kosher king
You may be a show-off making this meat
Quick vegetable dish
Roasted steaks?
Garlic or herb-flavored are common types
You might smile when you see one
Part of a Popeye proclamation, “I ___ what I ____.”
Green Giant’s son might be one
Ain’t that America?
Smartphone icons may have inspired a shortcut for this part of a meal
A game or a gourd
Pre-meal, served on toast or crackers
Custard in a cup
Whole or Jellied?
Imitation of a favorite starchy side dish
Ornamental sweets
Fried dish usually served with applesauce and sour cream
Franklin’s vote for national bird
Italian Christmas staple
Down Under you make it with a Barbie