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History of America

Author: Salsa
Oldest US city named after early Church father
Timber castle. Mackinac, McHenry or Ticonderoga
Ruler. Washington was a __
# of Original Colonies
Country. Washington DC is the capital of the __
Upper. Southerners' name 4 Civil War was War of __ Aggression
Formal agreement, __ of Versailles
Male pronoun
Sniper. John Wilkes Booth was Lincoln's __
French ruler who sold Louisiana Purchase to Jefferson
Confederate leader, Jefferson __
4 of 1st 5 US president came from this state (ab)
Issues. Congress addresses __
American Revolution Minuteman battled Brits @ Lexington & __
Emblems. The donkey & elephant R __ of the Democratic & Republican parties
Not off
Davy Crockett died @ this Texas fort vs Mexican army
1 who follows. President Jefferson's __ was Madison
Work 4. Politicians R elected 2 __ constituents
National cemetery in Washington DC
Civil War general who hated animal abuse & got speeding ticket 4 horseriding
Abusive gov control. Inscription in Jefferson Memorial curses __
Early Dutch colony, New __
Patriarch. George Washington was __ of USA
Underwater barrier. US sank boats to make a __ to stop Brits in War of 1812
Origin. July 4 celebrates __ of America
State of potatoes & No Return Wilderness Area
Conquistador country. America acquired Florida from the __
US space agency
Talking device. President Hayes had 1st White House __
Outer space visitor. Pres John Adam's __ & Sedition Act
Washington DC river
Christ. US Founding Fathers prayed all nations would bow B4 Him
Lawsuits. The Supreme Court handles major __
Pay tribute 2 military dead
Burn bun a bit
Arrive. Colonists waited 4 provisions 2 __ from England
While, like