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Geography for Ari

Largest mountain in Pat's home state
Bluff in Spokane
TV plan all winter long
Where Sarah was born
100 of these make a football field
Ari answer when asked if she wants to go shopping
Ari's school with Al's
George ______
Home of the Red Sox
Home of some of the Everitts
Ari has tow of these
State University that's home to the Beavers
Summer fun at this lake
18th largest U.S. city
Team that sponsors Teddy Bear Night
7.46 miles
Five Mile ______
Whitworth nickname
Snow capped year round
Road between Seattle and Spokane with "I"
Where the twins were born
3 on 3 in Spokane
Delicious Pumpkin
Local baseballers
279 from Seattle to Spokane