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World History Topic 3

Several generations of parents and children shared a common dwelling.
Raised area of level land.
A system of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other forms of support to the ruler.
Union with the Brahman.
The rise and fall of dynasties.
A seasonal wind that is part of the global wind pattern.
Local military rulers.
Large land mass that juts out from a continent.
Union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth.
Founder of Buddhism.
A single spiritual power that existed beyond the many gods of the Vedas.
Blending of two or more cultures.
Chiefs of the Aryan tribes.
Ideas that are opposed to the leader or government.
Subgroups of a religion.
Social groups into which people are born and which can rarely be changed.
Stand at the heart of Buddhism.
The most honored Maurya emperor.
Someone's good and moral actions leads to good results either in this life or the next. A life filled with misdeeds will lead to hardship and suffering.
One of the possible twin capitals along the Indus river.
Bride price.
A collection of hymns, chants, ritual instructions, and other religious teachings.
People sent on a religious mission.
Used by priests to predict the future.
Expanding a country's territory.
One had to be committed to this as the second step to Buddhism.
It is important in allowing a person to escape the cycle of birth and rebirth.
Writing as an elegant art form.
Doctor inserts needles into the skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat various illnesses.
Philosopher-teacher born in 551 B.C. Western form of Kong Fuzi.
Groups of families who claim a common ancestor.
Warrior Emperor
An essential self.
People who seek direct communion with the divine.
Founder of Daoism.