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U.S. History U6

The mass movement of rural people to the urban areas of our country
Colonization of smaller countries by industrial nations for raw materials.
Against a permanent combination of businesses, now illegal, for the purpose of controlling the production or price of some good.
Anything gained or acquired.
The merging of businesses into one large organization.
A policy of noninvolvement in world affairs.
A mutual agreement, or the parties entering a mutual agreement.
The loyalty and devotion of a people toward their country.
A proposition following so obviously from another that it requires little or no proof; a natural consequence of an existing policy.
A national policy that promotes a powerful military position, a large standing army, and constant preparation for war.
In Germany and other European countries, a chief minister of state.
The act of arming or equipping for war.
A relation of protection and partial control by a strong nation over a weaker power.
The enrollment of men for military or naval service; a draft.
The exclusive control of a commodity or production by a business.