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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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History Review 1-3

What country were the vikings originally from?
The viking who accidentally "discovered" NorthAmerica
What was Christopher Colombus's son's name?
How did Indians get meat?
How did people arrive in Americas before the explorers?
Where did Erik the Red move his family?
In 1503 the first ships from Africa carrying _________ arrived on the shores of America.
How many continents are on the earth
This explorer claimed the eastern coast of North America for England
The name America come from this explorers name
Many Iroquois Indians would live in one of these.
This country claimed most of Canada in the new world.
The name of one of Christopher Colombus's ships?
Homes that Indians lived in that they could take down and move when they needed too
Queen Isabella from _________ financed Colombus's first voyage.
During the time of the vikings and before Columbus, people believed the world was ____