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People of the American Revolution

Known as the "Financial Hero of the American Revolution" he provided vital supplies to the colonists before the Battle of Yorktown.
Known for bringing men water at the Battle of Monmouth.
The famous express rider who warned the colonists that the British was coming.
The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Author of the pamphlet "Common Sense."
The General of the British Army who was trapped and surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown
A secretive group of men who met to protest and boycott the taxes imposed by the British.
The ruler of Britain during the Revolutionary War.
Dressed as a man to fight in the war.
A woman who is known for speaking out against the lack of freedom in the Declaration of Independence who was quoted saying "remember the ladies."
This man was nicknamed "Swamp Fox" for his strategy of quickly attacking the enemy and retreating to the swamp.
Colonists opposed to Britain's actions.
A enslaved poet and strong supporter of independence.
One of the most famous traitors in American history
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, this man also held convince the French to support us in the war.
The leader of the Continental Army.
Colonists loyal to Great Britain.
An enslaved African American who was a spy for the Patriots and supplied information that helped to win the final battle of the war.