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R416 SS1: Intro & Salvation History

Agreemant or pact
Biblical criticism concerns with literary genre
Law AKA Pentateuch
Truth or scripture teaching which deal with ethical behavior
Biblical criticism going beyond the actual words
Christian testament AKA Tanak
The least applicable truth for reading Bible
Primary truth and focus for reading Scripture
Biblical criticism concerned with text translation
Use variious methods to move beyond the words
Folksy truth
God's self-communication
Scholarly change of text
Read from the text
Author of textbook
Biblica criticsm that examines editing process
Hebrew Scripture
Biblical criticism concerned with 4 literary traditions
Acronym for Scripture's original languages
Truth told in parables and allegories
Theme #1 in Salvation History
A type of truth or Biblical criticism that uses secular texts
Scripture stories that tell how we came to be
Wisdom Literature
Official list of books
Read Bible word-for-word
Latin translation of the Bible
His invention was catalyst for Biblical Criticism
Read into the text
Collection of books
Took out Iggy's kneecap
Channel 11 and function of Scripture