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Chapter 2: Cultural Anthropology

A system of knowledge, beliefs, patterns of behavior, artifacts, and institutions that are created, learned, shared, and contested by a group of people
An example of this is a wedding ring
The process of learning culture
Ideas or rules about how people should behave
Fundamental beliefs about what is important, what makes a good life, and what is true, right, and beautiful.
The idea that cultures develop in specific ways because of their unique histories
The complete collection of microorganisms in the human body's ecosystem
Sees culture primarily as a symbolic system of deep meaning
The ability of a dominant ground to create consent and agreement within a population without the use or threat of force/violence
Understanding a group's beliefs and practices within their own cultural context, without making judgments
Describing a culture beyond the bare minimum details; deep cultural meanings are explored
Everyone is a part of one of these
Idea that each part of society serves a particular function to keep the entire system in balance
The potential power of individuals and groups to contest cultural norms, values, mental maps of reality, symbols, institutions, and structures of power
Cultural classifications of what kinds of people and things exist, and the assignment of meaning to those classifications
Field of genetics that explores ways environmental factors directly affect the expression of genes in ways that may be inherited between generations
The uneven distribution of resources and privileges among participants in a group or culture
The ability or potential to bring about change through action or influence