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The History of AVAC

Jim and Linda purchased a _________ grove.
"Thanks to our _________ members."
_________ is now an important aspect of AVAC, too.
Theiring's area of expertise was _________.
Jim and Linda dreamed of building a ______ school.
Joe and JoAnn purchased the _________ next to the walnut grove.
AVAC held the Boys and Girls 16s _________ Junior Championships.
"The idea was to incorporate many _________ activities."
AVAC _________ in June 1976.
Joe and JoAnn wanted to build ________ courts.
Joe also pre-sold more than 500 _________.
Shank pounded the pavement to ________ the funds.
Many of the world's future tennis_________ have played here.
The AVAC Swim School is one of the ________ indoor, all-year swim school facilities in the United States.
From day one, AVAC has had the best and most up-to-date __________.
More than 3000 _________ are taught to swim each week.
They wanted __________ to work out together.
Within 18 months, Joe raised $1.2 _________.
Jim Theiring and Joe Shank met in _________.
In 2002, more than 100 personal trainers came through our ________ Pilates certification program.