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US History Final Challenge

US minister to Hawaii
Black Nationalist leader
Teapot Dome
Organized the Free French Army
Wilson's secretary
Negotiated treaty between Russia and Japan
Set fines and punishments for Prohibition
Avoiding war by giving in
Sunk in Havana Harbor
Largest naval battle in history
Oversaw factory conversion
Act establishing government in Puerto Rico
Germany, Italy, and japan in WW II
Desert Fox
US Army Commander-Pacific
African American airmen
League of people against a colonial empire
US-born Japanese
Italian fascist leader
"Influence of Sea Power upon History"
Hitler's party
Island chain containing Guadalcanal
American aid to Britain
First psychoanalysis
Sacco's friend
Japanese death march
Rebellious Chinses
Stopped the Germans in WW I
Led US fight in Europe in WW II
Big band leader
Sensational news
"lightening war"
Brit PM during WW II
Absolute government control
VP from Massachusetts
Coined "lost generation"
Founding colonies
Site of archduke's death
Mexican youth dress
Catholic POTUS candidate
Russian dictator