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Modern European History Final Exam Challenge

Said the French Revolution would become more violent
Victor Emmanuel's PM
Radical French governing body
Radical city workers
Secret Russian police
Called for a powerful government
Austrian queen of France
Kant term
Lutheran musician
Economic philosophers
Secret Italian society
French thinkers
Armed Soviet workers
Louis XIV style
"Robinson Crusoe"
Assassinated PM
Happened in Boston
Author of the Kulturkampf
Liberal German assembly
Lower German lawmakers
French "old order"
Top Third Estaters
Prussian economic union
Catherine II's kingdom
Kicked out his PM
Hungarian diplomat
"people are basically reasonable and moral"
System closing down European ports
Grievance notebooks
Enlightened despot
French COV diplomat
Infamous communication
"Spirit of the Laws"
Acts regulating American trade
Treaty involving Nova Scotia
"Powderkeg" area