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Falcon History

FCA Editor: Janet Wilkerson
This Trim Package included polished stainless-steel side window trim and blue tweed nylon inserts in door panels.
Bright-metal side trim and side rear _______ are standard on all 1964 Futura models.
How many adults the new Falcon boasted could sit in it in perfect comfort.
This popular model, first available in 1963, it came with bench or buckets seats.
Introduced in 1967, this option allowed manual or automatic shifting.
This material was used to make trunk mats, some very a distinctive plaid.
Metallic _______ highlighted bucket-styled rear seat upholstery in Futura rear seats.
Optional in 1960, this drive type featured implied design with one clutch assembly, lightweight construction, and minimum servicing.
These safety devices were added as an option in 1964.
Original Falcons in 1964 could be ordered in this color of blue.
This steel was used in 1963 to resist corrosion.
This Falcon was designed to carry eight passengers or to be used as a cargo vehicle.
A push-button version of this was added in 1961.
A revision of this Ranchero tailgate emblem appeared on their rear roof pillars in 1966.
Falcon luxury wagon with wood-grained exterior
In 1964, this increased to read 120 MPH.
Ford released information on this new Hardtop and Convertible model on January 9, 1963.
In 1964, this was added as an option to taillights.
Discontinued in 1967, the Club Wagon and Station Bus were joined to this Ford line.
In a 1961 ad, it was announced as "The Ford Falcon Pickup."
This popular white paint color was used starting in 1964.
Upper line of Falcon Sedans introduced in 1963.