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An American Revolution

General of the continental army
Post Christmas Hessian defeat (Place)
I pledge________
communication for the cavalry units
What GW turned down
Constitution designer
He would rather die than not have liberty
Time military service
It went overboard
Founder of the nations financial system
What Henry wanted
France to the Colonies
He was all about "Common Sense"
Henry only had 1 to give
What Patrick had concerning life
_______up against tyranny
Allen captured this fort
The "Swamp Fox" battled along this river
"one of the Revolution's most controversial military figures"_______Gates
Ethan's cohorts from Vermont
the supreme law of the United States of America.
Nathanael _______ forced Cornwallis to abandon the Carolinas and head for Virginia
Culper Spy Ring, Abraham___________
Naval Hero John Paul ______
They sit on an honorable field
________Von Steuben / Drill and Ceremony
Free of Tierney
Abagail's main man and a forefather
He only had one regret
Mr. Arnold
Britain's Ruler
Almost the National Bird
Henry's ultimatum - Liberty or ________
Lead the capture of Fort Ticonderoga
Hessian home
Philadelphia gang
Home of Ethan Allen and the boys
Cornwallis surrendered to Washington in the field at ____________
Where Burgoyne surrendered his entire army on October 17., 1777
Flag gal
first casualty of the American Revolution.
First sec. of war
Hale's- ________life to give
An American symbol of freedom
Confidence builder despite the loss
That's his big signature
The original midnight rider
Famous traitor
Our banner of freedom
What Gen. Washington had to crack "the ______"
Martha's premonition
Many lives were laid_____ the altar of freedom