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6th Grade World History - Ch. 12

Name: ___________________________________

Date: _____________________________
King of Prussia and later the first King of Germany
A five-man committee that formed the new government of France after the Reign of Terror.
Intense devotion & loyalty to one's own people & country
Political & financial collapse occurred during her reign; wife of Louis XVI
Napoleon _____ took advantage of the chaos in France and used his power to take control of the government.
Declaration of the ____ of Man is a document signed by the National Assembly in 1789. It demanded the end of many of the abuses suffered by the French people and advocated ideals such as not doing anything that harms others.
Otto von _____ was appointed by King Wilhelm I as the chancellor of Prussia; became the driving force behind political unification of the German states.
Camillo di _____ proved to be the most succesful at uniting Italy. He was the prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia.
Wrote volumes of literature to describe and endorse Enlightenment ideals.
_____ Estate was the lowest level of French society before the French Revolution; contained the middle class, artisans, townsmen, and peasants.
French ruler during the political and financial collapse that led to the French Revolution; husband of Marie Antoinette.
______ of Public Safety is a committee to manage the government that soon gained absolute authority in revolutionary France.
Site of the battle in which the armies of Prussia and Britain defeated Napoleon and his forces (1815)
A period of mass executions during the French Revolution.
Italian nationalist group founded by Giuseppe Mazzini
Victor _____ II was the King of Sardinia who became the first king of a united Italy in 1861
______ assembly were the members of the Third Estate in the French Revolution who convened & signed the Tennis Court Oath & the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
_____ Estate is the upper tier of the French social ladder which included archbishops and bishops.
The Estates-______ is an assembly composed of representatives of the three estates in pre-Revolutionary France; the only political body in France with the authority to reform the tax system.
Giuseppi _____ formed an army known as the "Red Shirts" and conquered the island of Sicily in 1860.
______ Estate was the second-highest level of French society before the French Revolution; contained the aristocracy.
_____ Napoleon was the result of the codification of French law.