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Sniffer Dogs - The Crossword

What dogs are used to track
Another word for dog
Given to a dog for completing a trained task
When the dog follows someones scent it is called...
______ sniffing dogs are sometimes used by archaeologists to find ancient burial sites.
Breed of dogs with the most sensitive noses
When a dog gets to old to work, they enter ________.
______-handler ______ - purpose dogs are specially trained for only one type of detection, and work with only one person.
Dogs can detect scents as small as 1 or 2 parts per ________.
Way to get a pet from an animal shelter
To teach a dog a useful set of skills
Way to reward a dog for doing a task you trained
Term used to describe a group of puppies that are born together.
Type of alert dogs will give when detecting dangerous substances or sensitive evidence.
Place where one may adopt a pet.
Term used to describe the person who works with a scent hound.
Chemicals in human sweat that make all people smell unique to dogs.
A medical condition that dogs can be trained to alert to.
Dogs that are used to find human remains are called _____ dogs.
Items that "Arson Dogs" are trained to detect
Dogs do not see in black and white, Scientists have found that they are red-green _______, like some people though.
A dog is trained to ______ certain things
Person who works with a dog to build useful behaviors.
A scent dogs way of showing its handler that it found something
Name of a famous scent dog